JCTMS Drill Procedures

 • Each month throughout the year, staff and students practice emergency safety procedures and evacuation drills.

 • Students and staff practice two fire drills within the first 30 days of school and at least one fire drill each month thereafter. Students and staff practice intruder alert lockdown drills, tornado drills, earthquake drills, etc., during Drill Week, which occurs twice throughout the school year.

 • All drills are practiced in complete silence so that students understand the serious nature of the drills.

 • Each staff member, substitute staff member, and student must become knowledgeable on the safety procedures for JCTMS. These procedures are taken seriously.

 • All visitors (parents, service workers, etc.) and substitute teachers must sign in and wear an identification badge prior to coming into proximity with the student population. If staff members or students see someone in the building without an identification badge, they are to alert a JCTMS staff member or administrator immediately.

We ask all parents and other visitors to cordially abide by our safety procedures. They are for the safety of the students and for everyone's peace of mind.