Classroom Tardy Procedures

 • Teachers close doors at tone.

 • If a student is tardy to class, he or she must complete a triplicate Tardy Violation Form (in manuscript) and leave it with the teacher.

 • The teacher records the tardy and places the white and yellow copies in the attendance folder each morning. The teacher keeps the pink copy for the team records.

 • The In-School Adjustment Program (ISAP) instructor inputs tardies into a database each day.

 • After three accumulated tardies, the student receives one day of detention from the assistant principal.

 • After the sixth tardy, the student receives two days of detention from the assistant principal.

 • On the ninth violation, a letter is sent home to the parent and a conference is held with the parent and the student.

 • On the tenth and all subsequent tardies, the student will be assigned one day of ISAP.

 • Students have a clean slate at the beginning of the second semester.